Our Schedule

Times are subject to change at anytime.  Playlist is running at the moment until DJ Slots become available.

Times MondayTuesday
 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 6am-10am Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist PlaylistPlaylist
 10am-12pm Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist PlaylistPlaylist
 12pm-2pm Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist PlaylistPlaylist
 Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist PlaylistPlaylist
 4pm-6pm Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist DrivetimePlaylist
 6pm-8pm Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist PlaylistDJ Conner In The Mixx
 8pm-10pm Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist In The Mixx
 DJ Conner In the Mixx Weekender
DJ Aimee Love@ Capital
 10pm-12midight Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist The Friday Night Love Zone
 The Ministry with DJ C.J
DJ Aimee Love@ Capital
 12am-5am Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist The Ministry
 The Capital Club Zone With DJ C,J
 Club Classics

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